Teachers Bane


Perhaps, as a infant, we are all the same,

Wriggling in linen as we are given a name,

The same chubby smile that once graced our faces

Looked upon all the same.


Such was my story, and then I was 5,

I began to develop interests and drive,

and though I was still young and alive,

I had problems which halted my stride.


I used to be quite the handful, the teachers bane,

I struggled with anxiety and depression all the same.

I forgot all my materials and lost my supplies,

and was punished for it all, which was certainly a surprise.


I hid away from others and played alone,

When questioned about it, I would offer a sour tone,

I spent my time drawing and staring into the sky, 

Wondering "How, where, what and why?"


As I grew older and got more mature,

I learned how to cope with my problems for sure,

I made many friends and become known in my school

for my art and my personality, which was now considered "cool".


But I'll never forget my younger days

Where I ran around on all fours in a confusing craze,

Acting like an animal and talking in your face,

Shy and yet obnoxious, invading personal space.


I have learned from my old ways, not through anothers glare,

but from myself, as I grew aware,

I realized my mistakes and worked to correct them,

And began to do so at the ripe young age of 11.


I had just started  middle school and wanted to change,

So I became quiet, I studied, and I observed every verbal exchange.

I became calm, observant and no longer wild,

and I was finally liked for who I was as a child.


Now I look back and see my mistakes,

I recognize when it hit me that I needed to change.

I worked hard to achieve my goals and dreams,

and life is starting to head somewhere for me, it seems!


But I would never have been able to get this far

if I never realized what my flaws are

And now that I have succesfully grown up,

I think I can consider this a successful glow-up.





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