Teach me

Why cant you just teach me

teach me how to walk the city streets

without wondering if i will make it home

teach me that i can wear that

black leather skirt with that

red V-neck with out

"asking for it" 

tell me that i can go to the store

and buy that pair of sparkly heels

with out being asked who i am trying to impress

you can wear this

you cant say that

raise your hand

dont inturrupt

close your legs when you sit down

let the man speak first

be polite

be a lady

why cant you just teach me

teach me that i can be who i want to be

say what i want to say

wear what i want to wear

teach me that when i grow up

i can be successful

teach me to let go

why cant you just teach me



This poem is about: 
Our world


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