Tastes of the Past, Future, and Now

The careless imagination of childhood

Billows in the airy breeze from my window;

The clock strikes, marking a new era of nuanced maturity,

Yet, the soft, nostalgic scent of the air

Defers wandering away from my nostrils.


The bed I lay in floats lightly among the rummaged river

Of the room of a teenager:

Constituents of the water and surrounding landscape

Flutter with realization of self-transformation

And flicker with acknowledgement of self-identity.

The act of internal reflection,

Cognizance tinged bittersweet.



With age and experience

Fear does not dissipate;

With age and experience,

Fear becomes identifiable.

Fear remains a daunting conquest,

Maybe tomorrow

I will yield victory

Over my own doubt

And insecurity.


An aerial view depicts my resting place

as a grain of sand,

And me, even smaller.

But, as my ideas rustle in bed,

Ripples emanate from my movement;

Soon, the water of all the earth dances.


Eyes are on me,

I leap at the advantage.

Despite the disapproval of my thoughts,

Comfort as an individual radiates thicker.


Known and unknown passions reified:

Animated as

Flowers in a garden,

Buildings in a city,

Food on the plate of a hungry person,

Love in a hateful, or hopeful, heart.


Among days of life,

A multi-faceted structure crystalizes;

Similar to the numerous faces of a diamond.

Every new facet forms  

By the essence of a grateful lesson learned.


Whispers assure me

Of the wholeness of my body, and

Of the capabilities of my existence:

I am changing, and I am alive,

I am in my room, and

My soul is in my body.


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