Talking Shadows


I remember

From many years ago

The talking shadows


I was but a babe

Lying in my crib

When I saw the talking shadows


A hallway light

Showed them to me through an open door

The talking shadows


I know now that they were my parents

But my young mind did not understand

The talking shadows


And I thought that they

Were some other creature

The talking shadows


And they had a certain magic

That kept me staring at the wall

The talking shadows


I did not think to turn around

To look out the door and see where they came from

The talking shadows


And I did not want to turn around

To see the reality behind

The talking shadows


For they were my first magic

My first miracle

The talking shadows


This, my first memory

Of magic and mystery

And talking shadows


But all good things must the end

And the talking shadows were now

Just shadows


The lights turned off and the fairy dust began to fade

Leaving me alone with no

Talking shadows


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