The Tale of Two


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The Body:
The smile tells a lie,
The eyes hold the truth,
The smile tells a story of happy times,
Smiling and beaming the whole day,
The eyes, filled with sorrow, try to play along only to fail their part,
Finally alone,
The smile does fade and eyes do give in sharing what they have seen,
The eyes tell the cheeks of the face in sign,
Ears unable to follow along,
The mouth lets out soft whimpers,
The ears now understand,
The face is now sad,
The brain thinks to the heart:
‘Stop and rest to mend,
‘Or just simply come to an end…’
The heart keeps beating, yet tries to stop,
Medicine to ease the pain becomes more and more,
The face looks at the bottles,
Taking some of all not caring about the amount,
Pill after pill the pain grows more,
The eyes are now sore,
The cheeks now flush,
The mouth turns silent,
The ears now deaf,
The brain starts to slowly ease,
The heart now racing,
The body rest in a well made bed,
A note rest in the hands,
Eyes slowly close,
One last sign to the cheek,
The mouth’s sweet, soft lips now close,
Ears gone deaf,
The brain thinks one last thought:
The heart stops…

The Childish Game:
The game goes on,
Foul and cruel,
One after another she plays them like a tool,
Her charming, lax smile,
Her cozy brown eyes,
Her lengthy hair a dark chocolate brown,
All giving off unforgiving lies,
Her hand in his,
A supple, passionate kiss,
Lies, lies, all lies,
She plays his heart,
She steals his way,
Only to break it at the end of this day…

Gone Away:
Death’s gentle kiss upon the lean cheek,
Softly spoken and weak the body soon gives in,
Sin, sin, sin,
The hand grips Death’s cold, black cloak,
Sin, sin, sin,
Together they walk the path,
The feet grow weary,
The brain unable to think,
Death leads the soul away,
Gone, gone, gone away…

The Knotted Rope:
The boy hears the news,
She played him well,
Afflicted is he,
A woven rope holds a knot,
Tied to a beam,
Cold and damp the basement is,
No light, only a loud rustling noise,
The sound lasts for a minute,
The basement dead silent,
Creaks of the floorboards above,
Footsteps thud down the basement stairs,
The flick of the light,
The Tale:
And there by hangs this tale of two,
Sorrow of love does by hang,
Renders souls to rest,
Life is not yet complete until one’s last breath,
Life holds both love and sorrow, and in this case:

The Letter:
My world has crumbled,
Disappeared into thin air,
My life has too many downs of which cannot be turned around,
I leave my body,
My soul now free,
I am gone,
Good-bye to all I know,
Do not shed a tear,
To he my lover be,
Always know I love you and will watch over you,
To all adieu,
May God have His watchful eyes upon you….

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This poem was written for the mere fact that students who commit suicide can be over the image of which they portray in life. With that it does affect other people, especially those close to the person, and can cause them to lead to troubling measures of guilt and pain over the other's death. After writing this I wish to put people in an awareness of the causes of suicide and how it affects others.



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