A Tale Tell Heart

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 14:23 -- Monai

The say the heart grows fonder with time

It's clearly the same case for mine

Times hasn't been long but hasn't but has been true

I feel this feeling calledlove for you

I will never explain how I truely feel

Sometimes I wish these feelings weren't real

I already know what you'd say

If I ever told you I felt this way

"We're not together, you're not my girl"

I just don't belong inside of your world

I don't understand how it can be 

After almost three months of messing with me

Your feelings haven't even grown at all

It's like your the door you can't reach at the end of the everlasting hall

You can't expect me to act numb and dispassionate

Like my heart is just cold and ignore the love I have in it

It seems unreal after all this time

Your feelings aren't any similar to mine

Or couldit be that they aren't really there

Just tell me the truth and save me the dispair

Maybe you're jsut one of those boys

Who play with girls emotions like a brand new toy

Wait, No this isn't a game to you 

I know you have some of the same feelings I do

I see it in your eyes wheile you hold me close to you

I hear it in your voice when you say "I Love You"

Maybe your afraid of them showing

Maybe they really truely are growing

These emotions that cover me with warmth

Are being sliced, cut, pulled apart and torn

I don't blame you cause it's not your fault

I should've kept these feelings locked up in a vault

I just wish you could really understand

From the begining this wasn't my plan

But at this point there's nothing I can do and even though I'll never admit it to you I really can't help it but it's very true

All over again babe

I'm faling for you

I'll play this guessing game for who knows how long

Maybe I am right

or maybe I'm wrong

Unless you tell me I will never know

Where this thing between us will go



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