The Tale of Macbeth

Macbeth seemed like a noble fellow,

He fought hard and seemed mellow.

The witches’ prophecies brought out a different side,

One filled with paranoia and fake pride.

His first murder started his quench for blood,

All his fine qualities fell with a thud.

Lady Macbeth led him on,

Questioning all of his manly brawn.

No one knew that he would become even more demented,

With more kills under his belt, he was still discontented.

Banquo was the next in line to be six feet under,

Even when the murderers made a huge blunder.

He didn’t sleep a wink at night,

Twisting his knowledge of what is right.

Lady Macbeth tried to set his mind straight,

But by the time she did, it was already too late.

He saw the ghost of Banquo at the dinner table,

The sleepwalking at night made her seem unstable.

He had to know what was coming next,

The apparitions were his new vex.

He made the decision to start a war,

Filled with hatred, guts, and gore.

They all realized he was a traitor,

Soon, everyone became his hater.

The only one who could stop him was not of woman born,

This man was truly forlorn.

A few tried to slay him,

Their decision was on a whim.


Macbeth was able to stop these men with his false vanity,

But the man named Macduff was able to slay him and restore sanity.

Like that, Macbeth was gone and Malcolm was the king at last,

The reign of terror was over and the new era came fast.

No one will forget the reign of terrible king Macbeth and his messed up ways,

Don’t ever fall for a tyrant and still give him praise.

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