The Tale of A Drug Addict

Frozen. Shivering. Shaking.

Look at my reflection in the mirror.

Scratch down my cheek to get rid of the Itch.

Scratching. Twitching. Gnawing.

Sweat dripping down my forehead.

Feeling like my stomach is turned inside out.

Dizzy. Sick. Puking.

I need it, I need it, Get it, Get it.

Inhale. Shoot. Eat.

Anyway, I can ingest you, you are my King, my Queen.

My Everything.

I bow down to you, I submit to your will.

Please don't ever leave me, like everyone else did.

Take my children, Take my sanity, Take my freedom.

I don't care that they're hungry, I don't care that they cry.

I look at my face, oh my I've lost weight.

Look at how great I look, look at what you've done for me.

I'll let you hold onto my heart, body, and soul as long as you keep me skinny, pretty and whole.

My eyes can't see the veins popping, the scars deepening, my extremely chapped lips.

My eyes can't see the hurt from my family, my health deteriorating and lack of ambition.

I'll continue to get high, then I might sleep, but I won't eat because My Master won't allow me to.

My head spins, my body shivers, my bones ache.

I need the high, I need to ride, I'm gonna die.

So many have tried to take me away from you, but they don't know the bond we share.

They don't know all the long nights we have sat up with our thoughts.

The black shadow in the corner, the strain on my mind, it's all part of the high.

I will steal, lie, and sell myself just to get a whiff.

You want me baby? How about a hit.

Look in the mirror, see my sunken face.

Remember how pretty I was, a different time, a different place.

I slink down on the wall, bang my hand on my head, and bawl.

What have I done? Who have I become?

So much debt, so little food, Do we really need water, lights, and heat?

These fucking kids, can I just get rid of them?

I am young, I have a right to party, I don't need them.

My kids taken from me, My family hates me, but I don't care.

As long as I have My Master, I know he'll always be there.


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