Take A Stand


United States
33° 36' 53.226" N, 117° 38' 15.4212" W

Civil Rights is the movement for all of us to be free
All the races together is what we want to see,
No disrespect, but justice all the time,
No more segregation, it is such an inhumane crime

Segregation is wrong, despicable at most
All I see is pain and disrespect given from coast to coast
People murder and hate because of one’s skin
They slaughter and kill, an ultimate sin

Now and again the racist man gets caught
But usually he gets away, like what happened to Dred Scott
We are all equal and that is why we must fight
We need to stop segregation even if we have to work through our nights

We need to stop the death, the disrespect, or this world will fall
Racism needs to be stopped, once and for all
So I reach out to you, my fellow man
Isn’t it time you take a stand?

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