Take My Sorrow Heart


My heart aches while you are away

every minute, every night, 

and every day

I begged you to stay, but we needed the money

if not you, then who

will be the hero of this country?

Why'd you have to go?

You were my life, my love,

my home...

Take my sorrow heart

There's nothing left in this world for me

Please, take my sorrow heart

take it, and set it free


The drugs and this knife can't break this pain

I can't do this anymore

My mind is going insane


Day by day and night by night,

I search for your wandering spirit

for us to reunite


The words grief and misery

aren't strong enough

to define this life of agony


Take my sorrow heart

There's still nothing left for me

Please, take my sorrow heart

Take it, and set it free


Every time i see that folded up flag, 

my heart is beat

like a professional boxer's punching bag


I feel so much malady and torture

I am the devil's inmate

living in fire, darkness, and horror


I can't live this way

Your death led me astray

Now, i must fix this broken path

not with therapy, not with science, not with math,

but with this gun

Guide me to rise the red sun

Please forgive me

My life belongs with you under our Oak tree

I just want to live with you in Heaven

just to be with you 24/7

goodbye cruel world

goodbye my life

hello my new kingdom

hello my knight.

You took my sorrow heart

you cured it for me

You took my sorrow heart

you took it, and now it's free

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Junia Noel

hi guys…. This is swagathika
I was having a great love for the past 7 months I know him for 2 yrs he had all bad habbits but wen he got interest over me he left evrythg jus for me and just to be happy
he took care of me like my mother.. I was very much blessed
the problem was I had three family frd (boys)
I am very close to them…. my boy didn’t like me talking to those boys he didn’t tell me tht first he was always afraid that I would leave him… so he kept his fear inside his heart and was worrying a lot.. fa 4 months
now wen I came to know tht he zz hving this feari decided to stop talking with everyone, but my boy is telling me tht he lost his pure love on me.. he is telling me tht he loves me but not like before I begged him very badly… for 8 days I cried and begged him….. v both are very close…. v are mutually into evrythg even sex…. now he zz telling tht he is tired of fear and he can’t be like before frdzz what should I do? what should I do to get him back? plz tell me i found online who help me to get back with my boy again he is back to me again with his real pure love all thank to Dr happy the real spell caster who help me out when i was in pain and tear plz contact  for more details  or add him on whats-app +2348133873774

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