Take Heart

You are a self important hero with so many complexes 
 that I have since lost track of my own senses while trying to count them all 
 I am sorry that my pain has given you so much grief
 but it was mine, remember? 
Not yours 
 But you took my hurt onto yourself and spun a story with all of the broken pieces, one to fit YOUR needs
 to fill your heart in an attempt to change mine into something that it wasn’t and me into someone that I could never be
 I am not yours for the taking
 I never was
 I tried so hard to love you 
 I truly gave it my all
 but you wouldn’t have anything less than perfect and
because I was not “it” 
because I still looked close to your version of “it” 
you tried to shape/mold me into someone that you could convince yourself that you could spend an eternity with
 You promised
 you swore that you loved me
 that you always had
 and that you always would
 but the water was rising and you couldn’t take the pressure of having chained yourself (willingly) to a ship that was sinking under the weight something greater than the both of us
and so you fled
 you blamed me
 you blamed the ones who made me
 you said I was broken/damaged..
 I am..
 but because I am not perfect and because even though I know now that you never loved me 
or saw me
 or understood me
 I still love you and I always will
 I will love you for the person you are, in all your pieces..
 because the story that you tell yourself is still unfolding 
even now as I have been cast from your side 
 and I am so sorry that I won’t be there to help you through 
when you finally discover that the story is just how you always wanted it to be
The story is all about you

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