take care - for k.s.


there's a part of me

that wishes i could say

i fell for the way you laugh

for your refusal to call yourself a ginger

     (even though the truth was clear)

for your great taste in music

for your extensive film collection

for the stolen street signs that littered your room

for the way you can make a story out of anything

for the way your body perfectly fit mine

for your elongated features

for the way you shamelessly disagreed with me

for the way you casually admitted attraction

for your proud intelligence

for your passion

for your brutal honesty

for your troubled past

but i think there was another, smarter part of me

that knew we weren't meant to be

that our inside jokes were temporary

because that part of me knew that i wasn't falling for you

i was falling for the parts of myself that i saw reflected in you

i was falling for not being the only one

and that wouldn't have been fair for either of us.

so for now, i hope you treat her well

take care.



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