Take A Bow


United States
34° 32' 45.2796" N, 85° 18' 25.9416" W
United States
34° 32' 45.2796" N, 85° 18' 25.9416" W

If the world is strange,

Then be stranger.

If the world is hard,

Be harder.


The crowds will jeer,

The eyes will linger.

You will hold out your hands to them,

And you will smile.


If the night is dark,

Then carry a torch.

If the sun is hot,

Stand in the shade.


They will cast you out,

They will deny you,

Step on your feet and make you bleed.

But you will step aside

And say, “Pardon me.”




If the journey is far,

Go one step at a time.

If you are alone,

find a friend.


They will try to scare you,

They will try to break you.


But you remember,


The Demons are on the inside

And they are all that you fear


You are the only one who makes you.

You trust what lies beneath

Your Demons keep you honest

You don’t sacrifice what's unique


You don't fear what others may think.


If the path is high,

You will climb.

The lights are flashing,

Don't close your eyes.


You climb,

To heights beyond heights.


Smash your fingers,

Scrap your knuckles,

Bloody your fists as you beat the faceless challengers in.


The Demons on the inside,

Scare away the demons on the outside.


They see your eyes.

They see where the true Monsters hide.

You hold your Monsters high.

You reach the top.


You will stand on the stage,

You will stand in the ring.

You will stand before the crowd even when it stings.


You will lift your hands to the sky,

You will let them see you cry.

Because you’re standing so high,

The stars are blinding your eyes.


And when they wait for you to fall down…


Then you take a bow.


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