Take Action-They Can't

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 20:33 -- A Brogs


You walk in the door and start yelling at me

The accident wasn't my fault, I had to pee

I look at you with love in my eyes

And wonder what I did wrong this time

You see you left me all alone

No toys, no food, not even a bone

I want to please  you, play and learn

But you are always busy, when is it my turn

I love you and I want to stay

But if you don't have time, give me away

This is no life living in a cage

I'm in it all night and most of the day

I'd love to be your best friend

And stay with you until the end

But you walk in the door the very next day

And start yelling at me the very same way...

I won't stay quiet any longer

Speak out, take action be stronger

I'll call the law and turn them in

Make sure this never happens again

Pets can't speak for themselves, so we must

It's the least we can do, it's us they trust

Animal abuse, it's a crime

Speak out, be heard, it's your turn this time



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