Telstar High School
United States

-Shake that-

Two simple words, their weight a sledgehammer into my confidence,

If I dance, for all to see my provocation 

I will be spurned, as she was before me-

If I hide behind the curtain of modesty,

My curves hidden from view

unable to take pride or confidence in my form

whispers of judgement for my prudish frame

Why cannot I be sexy without being worth nothing else?

Why must I either be blunt or noexistant?

I prefer to mold myself into a creature of shy elegance,

coy smiles shared with only a special few-

a sultry pout upon my lips,

a smokey gaze upon my eyes-

suduction sublty in my dress, to leave only a fringe of imagination/

Desired for my exclusivity and fufilled promises

alluring in my words of wisdom and temprence

my countanance lovely as my honesty, my loyalty

my poise, my passion

Devine Fire In My Voice

the taboo of Sensuality cannot define my credence in myself

I will use Seduction like a blade,

a scalpal to heal and to wound

and I will be greater for the use of it-

I am a pride to my gender,

the shaming cannot touch me

I will brake free of it's climing trendles

Thorns of humiliation may cut but I will not bleed!

My modesty is nobody's concern save for mine

For a whorld that desires, nay-

Lusts- so intensly for carnal pleasures

abstinance appeals strangely highly,

your mixed signals will entangle me no more!



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