T H E H E A L E R S.

The power behind the pen
Power of words
Moved to make a difference
Daring to proclaim and share
I am in control
The therapy when words Arent enought
The stroke sex could never (provoke)
Thrusting back and forth
Releasing this pain gives me pleasure
The Savior of many jumps and cuts not taken
No strange fruit today only their roots have been removed, that's were it started
Let's start a Sankofa Movement!
To express the stories
Fairytales are real
But that doesn't mean nightmare are obsolete
They hunt me like a dream and wake me from sleep, and foretake my daydreams
But what are the nightmares
What are the fairy tales
The yin and yang of emotions of fear and love
The tears you understand
The laughter we get in when we can
The Purging of the soul you encourage
Not to dwell but to deal
You are not alone, I am with you though these melodies, through this cadence, through the weghering and strength of my voice
I write for you
I write for me
To right my wrongs
And to wrong my rights
To spread awareness and awakenings of souls
To inform, but reassure you are in control
Honestly is healing, the truth is mean to hurt but you can't hide your hands when dealing
Show them whether your shaking or ready to rumble
The art of freedom
Escapism is felt through this work of art
Realism is exposed
To what cost?
To Heal.
Influence from frequencies of the highest form
Reflecting the times and giving hope and optimism through the adversities we've always faced
And face
The light can come though in darkness
I've learned to not be afraid to admit that in light, darkness can dwell
Vulnerability is exposed
Pain is exposed
Passion is never hybrid but free to fly soulo
I've learned a cage can't even protect me
But from what exactly
Conditioning washed free to live and eXpress
A depth not only I breathe
Freedom to feel no fear
I am who I am
And I express that freely
Let it go, mend what has been damaged
Time is a remedy but so is sound waves
I can fly and I want you to recognize your wings
Focus your peripheral
Revolt again the norm of the machine
Who already have written documents for you to read (more below in comments)

queenleftFight the demons that shield me
I've learned to channel that through my hands
to write my mistakes and revalations
I speak the voices afraid to speak
For those who can't express their words to hit others deep
My peoples refuge to make ends with reflections and the real eyes in the mirror
See my Conscious,
i speak to you subconscious,
so you no longer remain unconscious
How could this be devils music when I'm hear to heal the people
Hell doesn't hold a retrospective of this wisdom
Unity wouldn't be recognizable
They could aid to the pain, but the muse would silence out their agendas
Like attacks.of depression, but when you see so.some running from trouble, you follow in persute of what they want to grasp
Or has
these holistic Spells always reign supreme and every hex will soon to be a lesson learned and picked from the garden of harmonies
The notes rang in the air
To be heard, smelt and felt through the air and ears
These sounds aren't just heard but felt
Like self care on the shoulder of a damaged self
Revelations are capital through sound
And cuts are repaired in time through reassurance of signature counts
The beauty of the healing of the healers
We connect though all sources
The arts contribute to the biggest changes in the world and ours.
With no time stamped on R(evolution)
Enjoy my penmanship on the mic and on the canvas
My radical behaviors not rational
The lines on the paper are automatically in between
Releasing demons and scared past
We take those bullets without dodging and give it time to heal
Sacrificing sanity for a couple or minutes, hours, moments
No muzzle to buffle our sound
Clarity unfolding from low frequency vibes
Let's get high, activate your crown of purple
I let go
I heal
I teach
I learn
I grow
I appreciate
I lead
. - QueenLeft

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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