Symphony Supernova


I see music notes in my hair when I take off my filter

When I am honest, my voice vibrates like the walls when the bass drops

Look into my eyes covered with “sepia” or “lo-fi”;

Try to tell me I don’t look jaded.

The more I fade my edges and cover my face,

The more my piano keys fade to a dull hum of out-of-tune noise


I am heartbreak and I am what I loose

I am a writer and I am a muse

I am not the people I have been with,

But the words they have left in my vocabulary

I will drown myself in happiness and soak in the sadness

And I will enjoy every single second of this out of focused life.


My blood is oversaturated with high notes in my life

That I have reached, only by living my life in color,

When it pleaded for black and white

Sheet music paper cuts on every inch of my skin

And I would not dare cover them up with Band-Aids


Life is a map and I am the soundtrack on the road trip

So when you are on your way to work tomorrow,

Look at the sky of red, orange and blue bleeding together

Try to tell me that some things are not better without filters

Would you put a filter on a picture of a supernova?


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