Syllablrick Confession Of Guilt and Necromancy

Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:49 -- Neftee

Stuck, entangled,
Entrapped in the mangled
Mess of the past
This hollow tomb for a doer
Of evil is empty and black
There is no hope for the futer
Cause Only death is to come
I pray to God it comes sooner
Cause I'm the miserable one.
Horrible child done earning
his torment eternal burning
deserving nothing more then a
Place in hell to stay squirming!
So stay back from this place.
This is my final palace,
My tombstone, my parting chalice,
My ending in malice.
So as I get what iv earned
Sit back to disern,
Is this just my fate alone,
Or will you also burn?



I was just testing out the "rapper comparison" thing. I wanted to see if writing in a rap fashion would change the percentage to be higher for rap.

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