Sword to Words

I used to have visions

of my success

with a Sword in hand.

A samurai of sorts.

My Sword was strong

so my Senses too.

Through my Sword,

my Self was strong.

As I Sensed more

and more I Sensed myself.

My Sense of Self,

without the excess of my armor,

I found power in my Sword and Self.


This Sense of Self flowed into my Sword,

Sharpening, Slaying.

Finally it slayed my Sense of Self.

I Sensed my Strength was not in the Sword,

but my Strength was in my Self.


When i took my Sense of Self,

and put it behind the body of the Sword,

I found a new power.

My power is in wordS.

My wordS are sharp,soft, sudden, or slow.

They cut all that can't be seen,

They can sew all that was broken.

Neither steel nor silver,

but stronger, sought after, and shining brighter,

are my wordS.

These Senses, Sentences, of Sincere wordS

had shaped me from Samurai to Shogun.


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