Swiper no swiping!

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 22:22 -- stahlka


Living that 32 GB lifestyle,

posed photos taking up my space.

Out to dinner? Let’s take a pic…

They all look the same

Family, friends, or coworkers hopping in the shot

If you all can’t fit, then sorority squat.

Wait hold up, who’s that random man in the back?


See here’s the thing that I’ve learned,

The best pics come when things go wrong.

Photobombers joining, or strange objects holding

Maybe someone is possibly stumbling?

Because anyone can get a nice normal pic…

But a candid moment between comrads

That’s a harder trick.


The next time you take a picture,

Don’t stress over perfection

Simply have fun and remember to think different.

Cause if you swipe on my phone,

What will you see?

Some weirdo girls impersonating Jack and Rose,

Falling out of a boat in very nice clothes.

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