Swing Away



Oh Darling, swing away.

     May your spirit fly free,

     and break through the entrapment 

     of expectations.

     May your joy abound, 

     may truth be found,

     and may your hopeful song resound.


Oh Darling, swing away.

     May your smile shine as radiantly 

     as the pure moon

     that watches over your heart.

     May your sweet eyes always twinkle with hope 

     just as your guardian fairies glisten.


Oh Darling, swing away.

     May your cheerful song always play.

     May your joyful glow always stay.

     May not your innocence this world take away.


Oh Darling, swing away.

     May your happy heart always see

     the light in the dark of the night.

     May you cherish each sunrise, 

     each glimmer of a star,

     each heart beat,

     and all people as they are.


Oh Darling, swing away,

     for there will be a day

     when you can’t swing as high,

     when you can’t sing as sweetly,

     when that twinkle of your eyes

     fades so discreetly.

     The pure moon will grow dim

     and the fairies, too, along with him.


So Darling, while you can, swing away.


[Poem inspired by art piece "Swing Away" by Goodmojoworks found at: http://ar.art.com/products/308656/swing-away.htm]


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