Swimming at The Bottom of The Glass

Pour me another round while I get lost in the sound. My heart's frozen I'm numb, slowly sinking to the ground. Just leave her alone, she don't live here no more. Screaming I'm lost and I can't be found. Slipping under so fast, reminiscing on my past. Just wading in the water, the spirits taking me down. My soul is on fire, feel the flames burning higher. Ruthless and crazy when I'm with my baby. Feel so stupid plane foolish my love was useless. It's pointless no denying the problem is crystal clear. You left this big hole in my chest, still I need a bulletpuff vest. No tears in eyes. My smile has died and you're the one to blame. You made this way what more can I say. You took me for granted then throw me away. There's nothing to say and it's a shame. I'll never be the same.


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