To The Sweetest Name I Know

To my Angel up above,

I know that you're there

Waving and wondering through this world without being noticed

Laughing and Smiling at the things that we are blind to

Holding your Father while he cries because even though he hides it from us , he can't hide it from you

I look around at my life and wonder what it would be like if you were still here

I wonder would we be bestfriends still

I wonder what party you would've thrown for your birthday today

I wonder...

But although I may wonder I know that you are still here

Taz, I know that God took you so that I could still be here today

I am in love with the past because you are there

 Your voice , your laugh, your eyes

I've been wihout you for a decade now but it still feels like the day I saw your Daddy looking down on you from the gurney

He hurts

But i promise to make it big one day and take care of him for you

I promise that if i let you down I'll try to not do it any longer

You are and still will be my bestfriend of all time

No one can ever replace the smile and laugh that you put on my face

Oh how I love you

Oh how I cherish the momets that we've had together

Even though i can't call you I can do something better

I can feel you in my heart

Where you will always be

I am going to be something big Taz, and I hope that I make you proud

I love you so much and I just want to tell you Happy Birthday to my Angel up above.

Love, BiaBia


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