sweet girl

sweet girl

you know your father 

loves you and your mother

adores your rosy cheeks.


but oh sweet, sweet girl

you are so young.

the world has not yet

made herself known to you.


twelve years on this earth

and your dad is still 

a superhero and

your mom is stable.


fourteen years on this earth

you see your father

push your brother

for the first time.


you can smell

the alcohol on his breath

when you climb through

the suicide doors.


sweet girl you know 

your mother cries

herself to sleep each night

in her husband's bed.


your mother fell for

another man.

he was your

bestfriend's dad.


sweet girl

do you see it?

do you see how human 

your heroes are?


sweet girl

you must grow up.

your parents love you

but cannot support you.


you decide

your own days

you decide to pursue

the things you love.


sweet girl

you do not need to

live to please them.

you are free.





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