sweet and dumb


I refuse to pay attention

You've proven you know less than I.

Any day of the week, let me

Teach the class you simply can't.


It's crazy, this process of yours

Which leaves students feeling confused.

I won't sit through another day

Hoping so dearly, you'll change this.


Kindness, you're filled with completely

I feel bad hating you but

You are why we're "lazy and dumb"

Teach us for once, maybe we'll change.


Not loving you almost makes me feel

Wrong. Explain to me, what i your deal?

You teach us one way, wasting all our time

Later say our "poems need rhyme!"


So sweet and gentle to me,

Yet full of stupidity.

This teacher of mine just can not

With her ways, my brain will rot.


You tell us after the fact, I

Spent all this time now tell me why

Did I write 3 stanzas for you

And find out you just had no clue


We have no way to read your mind

Clearly speak and my teeth won't grind!

Instead you expect us to know

How to do without being told.


Find a real teacher for me please!

I'd rather feel stingings by bees

Than take this class on one more day.

On behalf of all kids, I say!


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