There’s much too much wind.
The cold chill brings a bite
in this big field. At night, it’s just dark.
They would wish only to see the sun.
But fear, not false hope, feeds their feel.
Everyone’s gone. There are not but three.
And just these brothers three
know just how cold the chill wind
can be when you shake, shiver and feel
your sweat dripping down and big bugs that bite.
Who knows when dawn and the Savior Sun
will arrive? ‘till then, it’s just damp and dark. Very dark.
But that’s when they come out. At dark.
It’s well past the point of exhaustion for the three.
They come out at dark because there’s no sun
and it’s so easy to get lost. There’s just so much wind.
Suddenly, from silence to screams, the bullets bite
but still, the cold, crisp wind is what they feel.
Their bones rattle, red-hot with the recoil they feel
and their exhaustion becomes like them; lost in the dark.
Now, like the cold chill, they can feel fear’s bite
But they have to ignore it because out of everyone, just three
are left. They have to ignore this bitter, biting wind 
and they have to ignore the time ‘till the Savior Sun
arrives. They’ll spend the night seeking the Savior Sun
never knowing when to stop. Fearing the frozen feel
of bullets barking by, and the cold, callous wind
the three men fight fear of death’s dark
embrace. They fight as hard as three
men could, sending their own bullets to bite.
Just as suddenly, comes the end of the wind’s bite.
At last! At last! Here is the Savior Sun!
Morning light lifts the fog around the three
men and they fear no more the chill, callous feel
of the wind. No more are they lost in the dense dark.
…but, somehow, that lasting fear of feeling cold wind…
It’s with them. They can still feel
Bullets barking, but can’t see the dark.
Why, there’s much too much wind...


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