I was convinced that when I fell flat on my face, that was my blessings being blocked. Not!

The experience, the losses, the lessons, were the blessings gained, on time. In His time, His clock, his love never stops.

Everything happened as it should, no regrets, only pit stops, lessons unlocked, no road blocks.

Shit happened, so the shift could happen in my life. On time, in his time, his clock.


This journey is far from over, just a chapter in a series of books, each one offering a peak, a glimpse, just a look.

My fall from grace, a disgrace, I’m embarrassed, this not a good look.

Dirtied face on display for all to see, humiliation, that's what it took.


My faith was stirred, tested, shaken to the core.

I was a mess, confused, closed doors to everything I prayed for.

I have much less, including kin and friendships, but gained so much more.

HE has done enough, even if HE does nothing more.

HIS love shook me to my core, the best in me worth fighting for.

No longer just existing, fully living, I am a survivor.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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