A Survivor

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 09:38 -- Alexie
As I observe the rain wash the dirt away,
The wind dances with the leaves with gay
Slowly, water would come back to the ocean
In harmony, waves flap in motion
Though, my life isn't as peaceful as the rain
I cry everyday,  sometimes I scream in pain;
I live in an alley close to a school
I notice that kids are spoiled and some act like fools.


They fix their eyes at me. They look disgusted
With my cardboard home and my roof now rusted,
Whispering to one another I see their lips shape,
"Look. He's just wearing a dirty old drape."
Pity is weak, unlike me, a survivor
Tough and strong. And with my strength, I will conquer
All storms, all challenges, all hunger
I will not back down, 'cause I am a tiger.
I, With the fierce eyes of bravery
I, with body of resiliency
I, with the heart of a warrior
I, with the mind that's superior
Will not look down, nor look up to pests
God would give me series of tests
And I'll work for the sake of surviving
Please, Let there be once a silver lining
May it come tomorrow or the next
The world is corrupted with its steps
I won't give in, for I'm a survivor
just living in a world full of disaster
Here, My eyes, they see abuse within
There, pleasure of syringes takes in
My eyes, they see only sufferings
When did all delights become missing?


Oh, when will this all come to an end?
My suffering, my struggles, How long must I pretend
That someday my work will soon be paid off?
And hope that one day, I too will be on top


As the storm rages, hope's never found
My story might never be renowned 
The pouring rain may be up there gray
Only I see red skies heading this way
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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