Survival of The Fittest

On the streets is where they stay.
The survival of the fittest was underway.

The kids walked to school every day. They passed by nice houses on their way.
The grown-ups all took the bus. Getting fare was all the fuss.

The day went on as others passed, but school had finally ended at last.
Grown-ups picked up their kids. They were on their way, to their home, where they stayed.

All but one family had a home.
This family had one another so they were never alone.

Finding a cozy place to rest, they found one and built a human nest.
On the ground they started to lay as all their troubles started to fade away.

The stars were shining high in the night sky as fireflies flew around passing by.
The night had come to stay as they all drifted away.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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