Superhero Soul


It may be fingers to keyboard or pen to paper,

but my dream job will take me to the Land of the Laker.

Director, producer, or booming sound mixer,

it doesn't really matter, I've drank the elixer.

I'm enchanted, I'm enthralled,

And no size boulder will cause me to stall.

My work will leave audiences raving,

But it will be the Superhero's Soul that does the saving.

"It's a bird, it's a plane!"

Will never mean the same thing again.

My action scenes will capture the ultimate fight,

Man of Steel vs. the Dark Knight!

Marvel or DC, it won't matter to me...

To tell you the truth, I'd do it for free!

Starting next fall, my new journey begins. 

Will I be in San Marcos or end up in Eugene?

Once degreed in Communication,

I'll be ready to go on location!

Yes, it's true, my ultimate calling

My require some crawling.

But you all will bear witness,

The boy once so lost and in pain...

Saved by the Superhero's Soul once again.


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