Sunshine Tears

I can see the love in your eyes, I can see the love when you cry, all I need is you in my life, people looking for a reason, we don’t believe you this season, what does it mean if you don’t have love, behind the scenes I saw the dove, only praises to God up above, don’t be troubled dear one, you know it’s double when you fear none, the flyer your soul, the more fire you hold, I’m wired with the code, they higher for the load, they in dire need of the cold, I got to retire with the gold, Christ is my faith, in the lights I pray I’m saved, they sacrificed the grave, there’s a price for being brave, this is medicine for the mind, the angels gon let us in for the sign, I told them I can’t do no deal, it’s a lonely road but that’s the only way to heal, this is eternity for real, go beyond the flesh, in the dawn we fresh, this is a rare occasion, we need prayer for every nation, speaking to the planet, when will society understand it, salvation is granted, Babylon fall is being chanted. 

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Our world
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