Sunshine To Rain


The sun was shining on the bus window

I was ready to relax as I walked through the doorway

When I got inside my home I turned on the local news show

I had no idea what they were going to say


They cried as they spoke of what they had seen

The poor young souls had been horrified

My heart sank to the floor and my eyes were glued to the screen

For teens, like me, had been lost through senseless homicide


School had ended no more than an hour before

Then there I was, realizing that some kids had not made it home

Suddenly it became a blessing to be able to walk through the door

It was then that my mind started to roam


I remember thinking about each one of their names

And wishing that I could just take away their pain

Life for those around them would never be the same

And it was then that the sunshine appeared to be rain




I wrote this poem not just about myself but about every child who came home on the days of the school shootings. When I felt my heart sink it was as if I could feel the hearts of thousands of teens, children and parents sink with me. These are moments in Americas history that will never be forgotten by those who were alive when it happened.

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