Sunlight and Water

to the oppressed:

In a world, so dark and cold where all hope is lost

good and evil right and wrong are throw away like paper

however plenty there is not

Nothing is in abundance

Except for the Melancholy feelings surrounding one's heart

How Deeply desired it is to feel the sunlight upon one's skin

Not the rash rays piercing through one's back while they work hard

For nothing is given in return

Except for pain and punishment for being on earth

A sin without reason

A crime without cause

How deeply desired it is to touch a river

To see the bend and know what's ahead

Not to devour the liquor as if it's the last drop of freedom

The gateway to survival on a earth filled with misery and suffering

And yet water and sunlight keeps the air going into the lungs

For its hope

The feeling and the imagination that feeds the pain

To live and to survive

A blurry line

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Our world
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