Sunflower Seeds

Fri, 01/29/2021 - 09:26 -- Rooftop

I remember thinking, 
'there's no way I love you yet'
after giving you the last hair tie that I had left. 
But call that wishful thinking because I was already long gone
before I even knew where you came from. 
I was all about you as moss is about trees and rocks, 
you were a giant forest, and I wanted to get lost.
You are so beautiful, even priceless paintings get jealous,
and I don't know how to tell you this,
but I think our hands are the same size for a reason. 
We've got that 'you get on my last nerve' type of love,
and there are no mood swings I would rather play on. 
And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love you so much, 
I don't mind pulling your hair from the drain,
because you are my sunshine
when the windshield is covered in rain. 
I've got you stuck in my teeth like a sunflower seed, 
and you know how I eat sunflower seeds-
chewing them whole until my gums bleed. 
You may laugh at my rules about which drinks can go in which cups, ?
but this is how I want to remember us-
long hair, messy room, messy life, happy nights, still new-
I want to hang memories up and down the walls of you. 
I'm tracing your laugh lines so I can draw a map to the good times, 
and we will never forget where they went. 
I'm writing poems of every Sunday spent 
pretending the rest of the days did not exist. 
Can you believe this all started
with a drunken kiss? 

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I' m laughing....and I' m not a sadistic boy. The blood on your gums is similar to feeling a pimple on the ...ass....excuse me...



A very nice poem.

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