Sun to Son


United States
39° 29' 0.834" N, 119° 43' 51.6756" W

The sunlight creeps in through the cracks
Peeking in on myself
Covering me in the light of what was,
from son to sun.

The light is starting now just to burn
It`s the thoughts of you
and us kids playing in your sun.

Laying there helpless.
I let the burning catch,
Engulfing me in the memories of you.
As I burn to nothing but bone white ash
one last though appears
through the flames, your smile.
And how I was your sun
Your light
Your warmth

So when the sun set
begging for one last goodbye.
Everything turned
dark as the thoughts in your noose.

But I still feel your warmth
and your heart.
you being in the clearing thats covered in the black
makes me still feel close.

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This poem is about my fathers passing and how it is a struggle to handle it. Yet i still find solace in the fact he impacted me greatly and has made me a better person. Even though it hurts I want people to know that no matter what the ones you love are still there in your heart always.

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