Sun and Moon

Trying to keep her happy,

He died for her each night.

His shadow over taking her light.

Each night he heard her crying softly.

The cold tears of the moon,

Where is he now?

Where has he gone?

He left her alone and afraid.

She keeps searching for him.

Will you stay for him?

Will  she see him again?

He took everything when he left.

People wander lost and scared in her beauty.

No one sees her like he did.

Where are you now?

Will he see her again?

Just to let her rise he died.

In the end it only hurt her more.

Seeing the pain and fear she caused people.

Shadows all around her as she destroys the dark.

A beauty created of dark, fear.

Blurring the darkness with all the light she has.

A perfect tear for every time she is alone.

Why does everyone sleep through her beauty?

The only one who saw it, blinded it.

So he will set the mirror up…

Just so she can see her beauty,

every moment that she will rise.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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