Up on a mountain peak

Sits a place where everyone wants to seek

But the journey to the top is hard and cold

Where challenges never cease to get old

Most people trip and stumble along the way

And some even go astray

Where temptations pass and say “turn back”

And some people do but are shocked with a smack

How could you turn from something so great?

Those goals of The Summit- go; don’t hesitate!

You’re almost there. You’re in the fight of your life

And this time, you are ready to die

Ready to leave this world and all its fakes

But you’re almost to The Summit; see what a difference it makes!

And you’re here! You’re here! At the end of the road

Come on my friend, it’s time to go home

You’ve conquered your dream and now you are free

Forever may you soar with Me.


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