Summer's Story


United States
47° 5' 52.674" N, 88° 33' 38.1708" W

I do not remember exactly when I first met Summer.

I only remember green eyes, the greenest I’ve ever seen.

She took my hand, and I was surprised by its warmth.

She wrapped me in her arms as we headed down the road.

I cannot say how many days I spent with Summer.

I can only say that they were long and lazy days, days that made you want to sleep forever and that made you never want to close your eyes.

I saw flecks of brown in her once green eyes, but I thought nothing of it.

I thought of nothing except Summer.

Her warmth, her smile, her whispers that hinted of something greater.

We walked a dusty road, sun-baked and empty.

I asked her why her eyes became more brown each day.

She kissed me and said; “Dot not think of it. We have a while yet. We have time.”

So we continued down the road.

One day, the last day, Summer fell. I caught her in my arms, and watched the last green in her eyes give into brown, then gold.

She whispered one last “I love you” and closed her eyes.

A winter rain fell on her face as Summer faded away in my arms.


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