Summer Memories (Summer is AWESOME and here's why)

Butterflies soaring.

Reaching for the clouds.

As I lay in the grass,

staring at them.

Picking figures out.

Under the tall oak trees.

Gazing at the sky of blue.

Melodies leaking from my headphones.

This is summer.

Indeed, it's true.

Cool wind kisses my skin.

My flip flops clank on the ground.

Lemonade stands on street corners.

Ar Whitey's you'll find a huge crowd.

Water gun fights, long starry nights,

jumping in pools of chlorine.

Bubble blowing, chalk drawings on the side.

Walks, a game of tag with playful screams.

Seeing family, outdoor picnics, long walks

in the park.

Babysitting, great vacations, streetlights glowing

in the dark.

Summer love.

Held hands, stolen kisses by the fountain.

Pounding heart on your first date.

Hoping to stay unbroken.

Changes happen during this time of year.

New things gained, and old things taken.

Messed up hair and being without a care

turns into perfectionism and foundation.

But no matter what changes,

whether good or bad things

we'll always keep those summer memories.

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