Summer Love


The other day, someone asked me what made you different from all the other guys I've dated.
And all I could think of was how happy you make me feel
But it got me thinking, shouldn't every guy make you happy?
That’s when I realized, that when I'm with you, it's a different kind of happy.
It's a kind of happy where I literally want nothing more than to have you sit next to me rubbing my back or playing with my hair.
It’s a kind of happy where just the idea of you holding my hand sends shivers down my back.
It’s a kind of happy that when I smile, everyone knows who to thank.
It’s a kind of happy that when I giggle, I want nothing more than for you to be the cause of my laughter.
And yeah, I guess any single person can make me smile, or make me laugh. But it would only be temporary because happiness with you is infinite.
It's a kind of happy where I feel like I can go years without talking to anyone but just after a day I feel lonely without you
It's a kind of happy where seeing your smile makes me feel like the most accomplished person in the universe. Not because you don't smile a lot, but because it was me who was able to make it happen.
It’s a kind of happy that I already know I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you because I could never imagine being any happier than I already am.
It’s a kind of happy that our friends desire to be a part of and encourage our happiness all the more.
So if people question our relationship, I don’t think about how handsome you are, or find it necessary to describe ways in which I find you sexy, because it isn’t an accurate representation at all.
When I think of you, I think of happiness. I think about how God has placed you in my life to bring me happiness.
And I'm so, so happy to be with you, why would I ever do anything to change that? Just the idea of being with you…
It's a kind of happy that effects your inner soul and makes a forever engraving on your heart
It's a kind of happy that even if you're not the one I'm supposed to marry, you're the one that I'll remember forever because of the way you treated me.
It's a kind of happy that I never want to let go of,
It’s a kind of happy I never want to give up on because my kind of happy is you.
So that's it. That’s what makes you different, and I'm content with saying you just make me happy.
Because to me? Happiness is everything
And you have slowly become a part of my everything.


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