A smiling face
A cheerful laugh
She seems happy
But it never lasts

She goes to bed
But she can't sleep
The depression hits
And she starts to weep

She feels so broken
Cause she's never full
Her favorite things
Now seem dull

She drags the blade to ease the pain
And now her skin
Will never look the same

She sits in class
Wearing a smile
And craves the blade
All the while

She jokes and laughs with all her friends
Who do not know
She wish she were dead

It's just so hard
Fighting her own thoughts
So she finds a bridge
And she starts to walk

Now her mom is crying
Thinking it's all her fault
And her dad is wondering what he did wrong

Her sister is crying in the bathroom at school
The tears streaming down
Cause she never knew

Her best friends in the hospital
From taking to many pills
And now she will
Never again be well

So don't mistake a smile for a happy soul
Cause when someone's depressed you may never know

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