A: Little girls are made of sugar and spice, everything nice.

N: We are raised to become sugar incarnate.

C: I will melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

N: I am a caramel cutie with a voice like sprinkles.

R: I am a scorching hot pie cooling on a windowsill, low hanging fruit.

N: You can’t touch me.

A: Please. Don’t. Touch me.


N: The definition for cute: attractive or pretty

C: Especially in a childish,

C&R: youthful,

A: or delicate way.


A: When we walk city streets we become ice cream trucks

C&R: Attempting to remain discreet despite the all too familiar tune.

N: Men, much too old for sweets, come running, confusing us for desserts.

A: They murmur sweet nothings that only leave us feeling sticky.

N: Girl, you must be jelly, ‘cause jam don’t shake like that.

R: Can I double stuff your oreos?

C: Got milk, sugar tits?

A: Don’t you know that play time is over?


C: Fun sized has become a synonym for pocket pussy.

R: A portable, prepackaged prize.

N: Bite sized, easily consumed without any fuss.

A: It’s no wonder they call us eye candy.


N: But sweetie, this ain’t Candy Land, this is America.

C: Here, the same lace and bows adorning your baby’s blanket can be found on Victoria

Secret thongs.

R: And girls get send home from school because a few boys just couldn’t control their


N: Where prepubescent girls bedecked in buxom bikinis are already learning the best

marketing strategies to sell their Girl Scout Cookies.


C: Oh, no, sugar, don’t eat the cookies.

N: Toss your cookies.

R: Give up your cookies.

A: You weren’t going to use them anyway.


N: Our bodies sell like hotcakes, but no one ever mentions the lollipop trollops turning tricks

for treats.

R: We are molded and placed like buns in the oven to be birthed as cookie cutter cop outs.

C: Delectable delicacies deemed much too docile to be dangerous.

R: We are always told it is the Candy Man who makes the world taste good.

C: So long after the sugar has corroded their teeth, we keep on smiling lest those sugar

daddies make pinatas of our bodies.


R: Legs snap like candy canes

N: Skulls crack like peanut brittle

C: Skin rips like banana splits

A: Desserts were always meant to be devoured.


R: But the word cute is derived from the word acute, meaning severe.

C: Sharp.

R: Intense

N: Like an illness they never saw coming.

A: So be sweet sugar.

R: Be molten chocolate souffle.

C: Be banana foster flambe.

N: Let them douse us in alcohol and set us on fire, we only get sweeter.

A: Let’s teach them they cannot have their cake and eat it too.

N: They will miss the razor blade when they sink in their teeth.

R: Girl, didn’t your mama ever teach you that the way to a man’s heart is through his


A: We will inflict unholy tempests of heart disease upon them.

C: Pulverize that pretty pancreas painfully with our pastry poison.

C&R: Sugar is addictive and we are made of it.

N: Won’t let them leave us without the need for an insulin shot.

R: Our revenge will be sweet.

C: Like taking candy from a baby.

R: They will never forget the way we tasted.

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