Suffering In Silence


The man walked in big steps

Here to take my family away through the Nazi’s attempts

He grabbed my little sister by the arm

Not to realize his goal was to perform harm

I approached the cattle car with great nerves

Is this what we the Jewish really deserved?

Mother has never been able to cope without us

We never really sat down with her to discuss

The space in the cattle car was unbearable

The benches seemed like operating tables

The woman on my left near death

Leaving the last sound she heard was her baby’s breath

Arriving at the camp made my stomach turn

Would this be my grave, or would I ever be able to return?

The others ahead of me shared the same fear

Only to hope to be set clear

The cries of my little sister filled the air

The emotion that passed her face was filled with despair

Soon enough, I was pulled aside

With great force I pulled to move only when my hands were suddenly tied

What was this man doing?

Only then did I realize my face started bluing

I have never been able to understand

Why empathy and acceptance seemed to be banned

Auschwitz was a place for division

Did these men have some type of vision?

Not every Jew did harm

So why blame him and hold him down by his arm?

Being different has a deeper meaning

Why are we making excuses and intervening?

Justice seems so hard to locate

When it is literally placed directly on our face

We did nothing to be out here, and I know that for a fact

But yet belief is still being lacked

These camps will kill us, send us some place other

Do we not walk hand in hand as brothers?

Never dominate over a person if you do not know their point of view

Try to walk in their shoes

Yet these Nazi’s brains have been washed and stirred

But you will never notice until your vision has become unblurred 


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