Success is the Best Revenge

Today we sit and wait for directions

Struggling with all these questions

That come in and out of or minds on the daily

But Parents and teachers all say “Ya’ll are crazy”

As I sit in class thinking about my future

I wonder if I can even do this

To sit through four more years of waiting

Waiting to be let out

Waiting to go to eat

Even waiting to head to the bathroom

How do they expect me to know what I want to do with my life

Just a few weeks ago I had to ask to go pee

It seems like they set us up to fail

They say “without college its Jail”

But I don’t see it like that

So many great people have come and go

And is it the college they went to that we remember

Or the great things they accomplished

The dream job for me is something that doesn’t feel like work

Just something that I can enjoy for the rest of my life

Is all this pressure really necessary to figure out what that is

As of now I’m just a pressure cooker waiting to get the top popped off

Hopefully by the time that happens I will be ready


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