The subways in New York remind me of our minds

How each thought can rush past us

How life can be such a blur because we are moving too fast

Sometimes I ride the rush inside my mind

It brings me comfort to watch colors run and lights stick to windows

Very recently I found myself observing my experience as a passenger 

When I was so intrigued to collect every detail of my short journey

I noticed people's feet that were straddled and their fingers wrapped around metal

I felt my bones jolt and sway as I sat and indulged in this calm atmosphere

I watch as a man talked quietly to a young woman with his hand on his cane and glasses at the bridge of his nose

There was a girl all alone sandwiched between two passengers with wires on her lap andher face being drained of tense facial expressions

People think, people listen, and people watch other humans as we all gather and move in the same direction

Our thoughts are moving as fast as us

We can choose to acknowledge the light chatter and squeaking train rails if we care to listen to it

We all fill our space in here

These compartments are ours

We can stay or we can go

This feeling, is a feeling of control

Not having to have a destination is reassuring 

We all can just ride because the day never dies

Underground mice we are, concrete and tile our home

Constant movement gives us a high off serenity

We are avoiding the distraction we call life

This is the precise reason I chose to continually ride the subway to watch uniqueness fill these seats

To hear different tongues

To see different faces

To try and assume the emotions these passengers are feeling

We are just people going places

Running to places we have to be

Or rushing from places we have to escape

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Our world
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