Suburban Autumn


I sit and stare out the window in my room. I haven't a care in the world, some may assume. But in fact, lately I feel lost in life. My mind has been filled with strife. There are days when anger fills my brain, and only sadness flows through my veins. There are so many things of which I am unsure. Still so young, but so uncertain about my future. Rejected by the ones that seem to matter most. Only betrayal seems to come when I bring someone close. I wear this mask to hide everything I feel on the inside. But I tell myself that there's still hope. Walking through these suburban streets, gazing at the crimson trees, feeling the cool autumn breeze. It's these times that I spend alone that I seem to think the most. I think about the painful memories that made me want to die, but also all the times in the past that made me feel alive. It's these times where I'm remined that everything will be fine. Everything will be alright. As long as I keep my friends by my side, I'll find a way to make it through this life. I swear to this day that when my time comes, I will pass away having lived my life happily. I will die with a smile on my face.

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