Subtle Toxicity

Fri, 05/31/2019 - 17:48 -- rydelh

Drink a little more darling, maybe it’ll fill the empty spaces in your chest

Smoke that last cigarette sweetheart, maybe they’ll accept you for who you are

Stick your fingers a little further down your throat dear, maybe you’ll look perfect

Scream a little louder babe, maybe they’ll come running to your side

Fake that smile sunshine, maybe it’ll keep your insides from falling apart

Cut a little deeper honey, maybe all your worries will disappear

Pull the trigger love, maybe they really do need you


Darling, don’t drink, new memories will always fill your empty spaces

Sweetheart, don’t smoke, when you learn to love yourself you’ll be accepted

Dear, don’t stick your fingers down your throat, what people think of you is not your business

Babe, don’t scream, you mean the world to me

Sunshine, don’t fake that smile, someone will hug all the broken pieces back together

Toots, don’t cut, the scars will be kissed better

Love, don’t pull the trigger, the love of your life wants you to stick around


The mistakes you make, do not define who you are

We build ourselves upon failure

Close the door on the past


Build upon the present,

because isn’t that what life is all about?




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