Stuck In A Rut

Sun, 05/19/2013 - 19:29 -- kajehe


United States
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Its a sick sad world but I am the cure
Inject me into your veins just to be sure
Do you feel it now?
From my periphery I notice junk
Of society walkin’ backwards
With lost causes chained around their necks like lanyards
Why I’m strugglin for the dollar while conservatives do the opposite of conserve what we need to preserve just for profit so they can spend on objects they prolly don’t deserve
And it’s a trial to earn, when to spread the wealth, big bosses and corporations ain’t even concerned
Well I’ma spread the wealth of my riches donated to you with these words
Run through what I perceive as life cause I live through verbs
But if there’s a lack of initiation and there is no action,
We the minority only become fractions in this percentile of 99
Leaving us with false values and the increase of crime
Is there a world we can live in
Or are we just gonna sit here dyin’
Our waters so vast, I suggest we all just dive in
To the dead sea where maybe we can all stay afloat.
Or will we crash like the Titanic in the Atlantic.
Only rich, powerful men and women on this boat
How bout our skin? Racism instituted into sanctions.
And of course it still exists
In the places you never hear cause that news stays hidden
Until the common people magnify their voices
Headstrong enough to stand up for all their choices.
Sick sad world, this rhyme can’t even sum it up
It’s only a paragraph in the book titled “Society—Stuck In A Rut”
And some of y’all claim to, but never really gave a fuck
So I’m reachin’ out to the people ready willin’ to stand up
If you livin’ comfortably with no sight of humanity then you can stay seated.
That’s embarrassing, yea I said it go ahead and be mad
When you hear the other side, like a debate that’s heated
Or maybe this will open up your eyes,
To hell on earth which shouldn’t be much of a surprise


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