stuck in past

Fri, 12/20/2013 - 17:18 -- jaida13


The one thing in the world that will never change is the past,

the one thing that wont wait for anyone or anything is time.

so why waste your time dwelling on the past,


when you can use your time to prepare for the future.

Time waits for no one and wont mind passing you by,

why not get ahead?


See the longer you dwell in the past

 the harder it will be to get ahold of reality.

Its like your in the present but your mind has wonder off to the past


as if you were never really in the present to begin with.

One day you will be someones elses past ,

and you will become one with the past.


And the past that you have been dwelling on you are now apart of,

but how can the past dwell on the past ?

Well, i guess you have to ask yourself that question.


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