He's not mine but he belongs to me I'm all his but love was never meant to be. You see we enjoy eachother company. So wrapped up in one another but somehow we're still lonely.
It's crazy cuz he holds me he holds me as if he's in love with me.
I still refuse to stare into his eyes I rather lay here and just melt into his side.
Sometimes I think if we actually made love there couldn't possiblely be a better high.
But stopped somewhere round cloud 7 or 8 somewhere only passions are awake.
And all the conversations we have are fake .
Honestly truth lies between the empty words spoken between a boy and a girl.
And it hurts .... That you use my truth to justify your lies.
Then question why I cry. And still I hesitate to cut ties. It's even harder when you slide between my thighs.
So we compromise no feelings just trust no others just us this isn't a relationship it's a one way situation ship.


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